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Starting out on the right foot…

18 Nov

I began my cooking experiment last week with the BBQ Chicken Pizza with Feta.  Let me just say that I definitely picked the right one to start with.  Not only was it easy to prepare and bake, but it tasted absolutely delicious.  My boyfriend, Gavin, and I made it together and had a lot of fun doing it, too.  There were things we could both do, which I’m sure cut down on the preparation time.

The directions were easy to follow and the recipe itself was pretty straightforward.  Definitely a good one for those just starting out, like me!

Hope to get another recipe in before the week is out!


Ready, Set, Cook

10 Nov

I’ve been pulling together some recipes that I want to try, in addition to compiling my favorites just for keeps.  I have decided to put these new recipes under a new tab with blogs about how trying them out goes.  I realize this is very close to “Julie and Julia,” but I want to be able to remind myself how I like the recipes, and little changes I make along the way.

Plus, with a record of how I like each recipe, maybe some of the newer ones will end up under the Favorites tab!


5 Nov

I decided to start a recipe blog so that I could access all of my favorite homemade recipes online, rather than having cookbooks and scraps of paper laying around my kitchen.  I would like to blog about trying new recipes, as well, sort of like an assessment before, during and after the recipe has been followed.

Thank you for stopping by my site – and if you have any recipes you think I should try, leave me a comment with the recipe and I’ll blog about it!

Happy cooking!