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Potluck: Success!

29 Jan

The potluck we had last night for our AMST 375 class went extremely well!  Not only did the cake turn out amazingly rich and delicious and easy on the eyes, but all of the food was so great.  There were all kinds of dishes there from appetizers like Apple Brie Cristata and Buffalo Chicken Dip to entrees like Macaroni and Cheese and mini Turkey Burgers to desserts like our Chocolate Budino and yummy Apple Caramel Pie.

I am so surprised that I was able to eat everything that I did.  I managed to try a little bit of everything, even if it was one little bite of each dish.  Below are some pictures of the event; a special thanks to Prof. Ferris for bringing us into her home and sharing her night with us!

My favorite dish (besides the Budino!): Sweet Potato Casserole

This is Sara, putting the finishing touches on our cake

The final product!

This was part of the dinner spread – we managed to fit about 4 more dishes on the island!

Some more dishes…

The crowd!  There were so many students there and I made several new friends!


AMST 375 Potluck!

28 Jan

In my American Studies class, we’re having a potluck for the entire class at my professor’s house.  She asked that we pair up and make a dish to bring.  I signed up to make a dessert and was paired with Sara.  We decided to make an Italian layered chocolate cake called a Budino.

I went to Sara’s today to make the layers of the Budino cake and we’ll be putting it together before the dinner tomorrow night.  I had a lot of fun preparing the cake, but am almost positive that I’ll have much more fun eating it.  Granted, it’s about as bad for me as eating a stick of butter, but it looks and smells so good!

I’ll take a picture of the cake, and of the dinner in general, and post them tomorrow!

With Julie’s and Julia’s spirits

5 Jan

After weeks of wanting to see it, I rented Julie and Julia tonight.  I decided on tonight because I had the apartment to myself and had just gone to the grocery store with a few ideas in mind for dinner.  Firstly, I wanted to recreate my friend’s chicken dish she made for us on New Year’s Eve.  Additionally, I wanted to eat some of my newest love: tomatoes.  I’ve taken Macaroni Grille’s bruschetta recipe and tweaked it until I liked it.  Tonight, I did it again, and I must say it is the best bruschetta I’ve ever had in my life.  (See my Bruschetta recipe under the “Favorites” tab!)

With “Julie and Julia” playing in the background, I began my dinner.  It felt so gratifying to cook with Julie and Julia – like we were cooking in the same kitchen.  The two of them are so inspirational, I hope to be at least half as successful as they are.  The only part of my dinner I’m not so proud of is the microwaveable vegetables.  I just don’t think I know how to cook enough vegetables properly and in a delicious enough way to make those myself yet.  Project!

A special thanks to Julia Child and Julie Powell for everything you’ve done in the cooking world.  Also, thanks to Amanda for giving me the inspiration to cook chicken differently than in a George Foreman!