With Julie’s and Julia’s spirits

5 Jan

After weeks of wanting to see it, I rented Julie and Julia tonight.  I decided on tonight because I had the apartment to myself and had just gone to the grocery store with a few ideas in mind for dinner.  Firstly, I wanted to recreate my friend’s chicken dish she made for us on New Year’s Eve.  Additionally, I wanted to eat some of my newest love: tomatoes.  I’ve taken Macaroni Grille’s bruschetta recipe and tweaked it until I liked it.  Tonight, I did it again, and I must say it is the best bruschetta I’ve ever had in my life.  (See my Bruschetta recipe under the “Favorites” tab!)

With “Julie and Julia” playing in the background, I began my dinner.  It felt so gratifying to cook with Julie and Julia – like we were cooking in the same kitchen.  The two of them are so inspirational, I hope to be at least half as successful as they are.  The only part of my dinner I’m not so proud of is the microwaveable vegetables.  I just don’t think I know how to cook enough vegetables properly and in a delicious enough way to make those myself yet.  Project!

A special thanks to Julia Child and Julie Powell for everything you’ve done in the cooking world.  Also, thanks to Amanda for giving me the inspiration to cook chicken differently than in a George Foreman!


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