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A Maggiano’s Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Maggiano’s has always been that restaurant for me that I dream of going to someday.  I decided earlier this year that Valentine’s Day would be the day.  I made the reservations and counted down the days until Feb. 14.  Gavin and I decided not to give gifts this year and that dinner would be our present to each other, so we had to do it up right.

I was so excited to have so much delicious food that when we drove up to the restaurant and saw flashing lights and a fire truck, I was devastated.  I thought out loud to Gavin, “If they tell us we can’t eat here tonight I’m going to be so upset! I waited for this for a really long time!”  We ended up getting in and getting a table just fine.

Here is where the fun starts.  We decided to order dinner the “Classic” way – enough food to probably feed 4 people including two appetizers, salads, pastas, entrees, and desserts.  Whoa.  I think we made the best choice because we got to try so many different foods and we got to pick things we each liked.  Here’s a rundown (with pictures to come soon) of everything we ordered:

-Barb’s Spinach & Artichoke al Forno

-Chopped Salad with house dressing
-Caesar Salad

-Chicken Pesto Linguine
-Mom’s Lasagna

-Herb Roast Chicken
-Chicken Saltimbocca

-Apple Crostada
-Chocolate Zuccotto

As you can see, we didn’t even make it to the cake.  We boxed mostly everything up and took our buffet home.

Everything was delicious and we definitely left with more food than we ate, but it was worth it.  I’ve got enough leftovers to last me all week and I had the best time.  I almost wish all of my fingers were thumbs so I could give Maggiano’s 10 thumbs up instead of just two.


Scones for Breakfast

13 Feb

My roommate’s birthday is this week and she won’t let me buy her a birthday present so I decided to make her something yummy and delicious for breakfast.  In my quest for more recipes to fuel this blog, I came across Buns In My Oven, and saw that she had just recently made Chocolate Chip Scones.

I have never had a scone before, so this was more of an experiment for me than anything else.  But, in my opinion, they turned out pretty nice.  The chocolate was delicious and even though it was a really thick pastry, I thought it was a great breakfast item!  My roommate liked them and I think they were a good birthday present.

So thank you, Karly from Buns In My Oven, for your delicious recipe!

Three for One

6 Feb

I came home for part of the weekend this week and my mom said that I could make dinner tonight.  I asked if it was all right if I tried a recipe that was on my to-do list.  She said absolutely!  AND she said I could make an appetizer, as well.  Then, I decided to surprise everyone with a dessert.

So, tonight, I made Spinach & Artichoke dip and the Tuscan Chicken Simmer.  (I also made asparagus a la Rene (my roommate), but that one wasn’t on my to-do list!)  For dessert, I chose the Oreo Truffles.  I’ve already made the regular Chocolate Truffles, but I wanted to try a little something different and I already had some of the ingredients, so I just needed some Oreos.

The dip went splendidly.  It was relatively easy to make, aside from actually FINDING the artichoke hearts.  I couldn’t find them for the longest time!  But, making the dish and eating it was great.  It tasted delicious with Tostitos.  Then the chicken was also delicious.  I loved the way the tomatoes just popped in your mouth.  The sauce really complimented the tomatoes.  I think I’m going to add asparagus next time, just to add some more color. My parents were excited to hear that I had made dessert, and were shocked that I chose truffles again.  Needless to say, they went over well.  Everyone loves chocolate in this family!

Overall, I’d say today was a success!

*Here are some pictures of the dinner we had!*