My Food Network Addiction

2 Aug

Now that I am officially living on my own dime and have only just recently found a job at a restaurant, my new favorite thing to do is watch the Food Network.  I know, for now, that I cannot afford to make the food they’re making, what with all the different ingredients and expensive spices that I don’t have yet.

But, it gives me hope for the future; that I will be able to cook and taste so many yummy recipes in the next few years.

I think my favorite show, in terms of hosts, is Down Home with the Neely’s.  Pat and Gina Neely are so good on camera and they exude a loving presence that comforts almost as much as their homemade recipes do.  Plus, they work well as a team and it’s reassuring to see two people get along so well in and out of the kitchen.

My favorite show, in terms of food, is a little less clear cut.  Paula’s Best Dishes always hit home runs.  But sometimes, they’re not as healthy as I try to be.  She loves her some butter!  But, they do always taste so good.  The worst foods for you always do.  In terms of healthy foods, I think I like Giada at Home.  She uses vegetables a lot and prefers EVOO to butter, which saves you a little in terms of calories.

My favorite competition show is either Worst Cooks in America or Chopped.  Worst Cooks is just fun for me to watch because I can relate so much to their experience level and presence in the kitchen.  Sometimes, I like to think that I may be a little more well-grounded in a kitchen, but I’m not going to kid myself.  Chopped is fun, also, because they have to come up with recipes split seconds after they discover the ingredients.  And then, just like the name implies, if a chef’s recipe comes in last, they get chopped.

If I didn’t have the Food Network, I would easily get food-depressed from all of the spaghetti or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  But thanks to all of my favorite hosts and chefs, I have hope for the near future and will strive through my Ramen noodle chapter in my life.


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