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A Little Taste of Home…

12 Sep

When I was younger, my parents almost always had some banana bread.  It was a healthy (enough) snack, plus it had that little something extra to entice me to eat it: chocolate chips.  A few days ago, I decided that it was time for my new(ish) apartment to smell a little more like home.  So, I made some muffins (because I don’t have loaf pans).

I didn’t have the recipe that my parents use, so they don’t taste EXACTLY the same, but I got the general idea of it, and my muffins taste pretty good!  This may be the first time I’ve made muffins, in awhile at least, by myself.  So, I’m impressed.  Pictures below and you can find the recipe I used under the Tried and True tab above!  (I categorized them as breakfast.)

Happy baking. 🙂