I may be on a new kick…

3 Oct

Muffins.  There are so many different kinds, like apple, lemon poppy seed, bran, banana chocolate chip, chocolate, blueberry, etc.  And the baked good itself is so versatile.  You could have them for breakfast.  You could have them for a snack.  You could even have them for dessert.  Whatever you choose for your muffin, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

While baking muffins three weeks in a row may not technically be considered a “kick,” I feel that they have taken a significant place in my routine.  Additionally, I enjoy having baked goods in the house.  I enjoy not having to rely on processed foods for meals.  I do it enough as it is; it’s so nice to have something homey and comforting to snack on.

A few weeks ago, I chronicled my banana chocolate chip muffins for you.  This week, I embarked on undiscovered territory (in my kitchen, at least): Lemon Poppy Seed.

My dad used to make mini-muffins when I was younger, so I’m no stranger to LPS.  However, I didn’t use his recipe.  I tried something else, but would tweak it a little if I used it again.  You can see the recipe I tried here.


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