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Happy Thanksgiving!

26 Nov

My most favorite meal of the year, the one I only get to have one day out of all 365 (excluding leftovers), the one with complementary flavors so great my tastebuds are completely satisfied, the meal I can’t stop eating: came twice this year!

That’s right. I was lucky enough to have Thanksgiving dinner, twice. Thursday night, I had dinner with Boyfriend’s family in Richmond. Everything was delicious and the company was wonderful. I had a great time and ate a ton of yummy food.

*Side note: Thanks to Boyfriend’s Godmother, I now have a recipe that almost rivals the Girl Scout Cookie: Peanut Butter Patty. That’s right, girls. I’m not spending $3.75 on your boxes anymore. (Except for Thin Mints and Caramel Delites!)

Then, today, I had another dinner with my family. Equally delicious and equally enjoyable company. Mom, Dad, Steve, Uncle Bob and Grandma gathered around the table for some of our family favorites: Mom’s Mystery Stuffing, Corn with Bacon and Onions, Dad’s Three-Cornered Rolls, Grandma’s Pretzel Jello and more. I made the Pumpkin Pie. 🙂 This time, I tweaked the crust recipe. (I’ll post about it later – the pie just came out of the oven!) *Updated 12.10.10*: The pie crust was amazing! It’s going to be my secret recipe, though, so I can’t tell you what I did to change it. 🙂

I can’t tell you exactly what it is about this meal that makes it my favorite, but it gets me every year. Maybe it’s because it’s a special meal that only comes once. Maybe it’s because the seasonings flavor everything so perfectly and coordinate with each dish. Maybe it’s because the weather is starting to get chillier and I can feel Christmas coming just around the corner. Whatever it is, I loved having two meals this year and am already looking forward to next year!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!