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Pop & Win?

22 Jan

I came across something interesting that I hadn’t seen before. I decided to have a small afternoon snack and opted for popcorn. It’s a healthier option than chips and I was craving something salty, rather than fruit.

I take the plastic off the Orville Redenbacher bag and see a game piece fixed on the front. There was a black bar that had a message hidden beneath. It said, “Do not remove. Pop as directed.” So I’m thinking, “Ok, cool. The heat is going to seep into the black bar and reveal a message.” I was a little skeptical that it was going to come out clearly. I was put in my place. The black bar completely melted away revealing those sweet words, “Not a winner. Please play again.”

Since I’ve got 2 more bags left, I will inevitably play again, but my hopes are not high for this game. Which brings me to my big question: Since when are there sweepstakes on popcorn bags? No peel-off stickers or scratch off blocks anymore. Nope, now we’ve got melt away bars. No more effort being put into winning or losing free goodies for life. All you have to do now is microwave a tasty treat…which you would have done anyway if you were hungry. Are we really getting lazier or are companies just so eager to promote their brands that they’ll put a sweepstakes on anything?