Singapore Noodles

13 Mar

When I would order Chinese food at home, my go-to dish was typically General Tso’s or wonton soup. Then, I was turned on to a new dish by a friend: Singapore Noodles or Singapore Mei Fun, depending on the restaurant. It’s a spicy noodle dish with vegetables and meats. It quickly became my new favorite go-to dish and I haven’t had General Tso’s since.

Last week, I was craving some Singapore Noodles like it was my job. The problem with that is that I couldn’t order it because my restaurant doesn’t charge a ton for it (which is AWESOME), but it doesn’t meet the minimum delivery order requirement. So, since Boyfriend is out of town, I can’t order in.

I decided to make my own! Ambitious, yes. But, worth the time and creativity. You can see the recipe here. Here is a picture to entice you. Enjoy!


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