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Happy Easter!

24 Apr

Well, Lent is over and I’m happy to say that I was pretty good with what I gave up (cursing and taking God’s name in vain).

My fun Easter-ly activities began yesterday when Boyfriend and I went over to a friend’s apartment to dye eggs. We got super creative with some of the designs and used surfboard wax when the PAAS kit didn’t include a wax crayon. Check it out!

This morning, we attended the Easter Sunday mass at the Basilica. It was very crowded and we didn’t leave in enough time (apparently), so we had to stand in the 2nd story balcony. After mass, we had a substitute for the ham lunch my mom normally serves on this holiday: Ham Flatbreads at Subway. I thought it was a witty way to celebrate, but no one else really thought so. 🙂

Next was the fun part – we had an Easter egg and basket hunt in the apartment! We may not have that much space, but we each hid a basket and six eggs for the other to find. It was definitely some of the most creative hiding I’ve ever done.

Needless to say, I’m so full of ham sandwich, chocolate and candy that I could go into a food coma. It was a wonderful Easter and I hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family!