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Cooking for Friends

2 Jul

My two very best friends from growing up came into town last weekend for one last hoorah before one of them gets married. Needless to say, it was a great weekend! I loved having them stay at my apartment, especially because I love to play hostess 🙂 I love cooking and baking, so I spoiled them silly with all sorts of yummy treats. Plus, we went out to eat several times, too, which didn’t disappoint, either.

The night they arrived, I cooked enchiladas, quesadillas and spanish rice. Of course, guacamole and tequila were also present! I can’t get enough of that enchilada recipe, and it has really become a g0-to for when people come over. (I wish I’d taken more pictures of our feasts, but you’ll have to make do with my words and imagery :))

We woke up the following day to begin our “Tour of Inner Harbor,” with a restaurant of their choice. All I had to say was sushi, and we’d landed on Kona Grill. No complaints here – I’d eat their sushi any day of the week! We all ordered various rolls and the following appetizers: miso soup, edamame and seaweed salad. Everything was delicious. No meal is complete without a final note, so when we stopped to look around Barnes & Noble, I bought a blondie while they opted for coffee and tea.

We took a break from eating while we toured the National Aquarium. While we worked off lunch, we apparently worked up an appetite for froyo, so we stopped at Rita’s (I know – more custard than froyo) on our way home.

We didn’t realize it until we got back, but all the walking really wore us out, so we opted for naps before the evening festivities began. First up, J. Paul’s for dinner. They both insisted on having some crab while in town, so Alexa ordered a crab cake sandwich and Guy ordered the wedge salad with crab. I ordered barbecue pulled pork because you can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl. 🙂

We made a brief pitstop at a friend’s apartment for a jam session they were having that night. She did not disappoint with her spread, including cupcakes, meatball subs and a delicious dip, but we were so full from dinner, we had to pass. We made our way back to the apartment for a quiet night in, watching a favorite show with a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, we fell asleep. Oh well!

I woke up early the next morning to make brunch before they had to leave. I tried SO hard to be quiet, but it’s a small apartment with no door to the kitchen, so they heard everything. But, once they got up, we were able to chat away the morning while the monkey bread was baking and while I finished preparing the rest of breakfast.

It was great to share so many meals with my friends, since I rarely see them both anymore. It’s an intimate part in any relationship, and I’m glad we can still get together and share those memories.