The Bridal Shower

9 Oct

A few weekends ago, I had the honor of hosting my best friend’s bridal shower at my parents’ house in North Carolina. I had been planning it for a while and couldn’t wait to see everyone…and try some new recipes 🙂

I planned out the menu to include some brunch-y items, some vegetarian options and some dessert-y items. The final menu was:

-monkey bread
-pepperoni puffs
-spinach and artichoke cups
-cake pops
-fruit and veggie trays with dip
-sherbert punch

This gave me the opportunity to try a few new recipes that I’ve had on my list for a while. The spinach and artichoke cups have been on my “Recipes To Try” page for quite some time, simply because I was waiting for an entertaining opportunity. I loved the way the spinach and artichoke dip just sat in each little cup, and it really tasted great! I haven’t used egg roll wrappers since my roommates and I made egg rolls in college, so this was a fun way to use them differently. The pepperoni puffs have been on my to-do list, as well, but just haven’t made it to the blog yet. They turned out great and were definite crowd pleasers. (My daddy came home after we all left and had some of the leftovers and gave them high marks!)

It also gave me opportunity to cook with our other best friend from school. He is a chef/caterer, so it was definitely fun to work with him and learn from someone with much more experience than I have. He made the quiches – and did a wonderful job, if I do say so myself.

The monkey bread, fruit dip, and sherbert punch are family favorites, so I’m glad they were able to make an appearance, too. The cake pops are a repeat recipe, but in a different capacity. I made Easter cake pops two years ago, so they were shaped like Easter eggs and were colored differently and thoroughly decorated. I learned my lesson from that (especially now that I was pressed for time): Less is more. I covered these in white candy melts and drew an “A” on them. Done. They were so moist and turned out as well as could be expected.

It ended up being a great time and I was so happy to be able to do it. My advice to me for next time (or to anyone attempting this in the future): Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the food. It also doesn’t to hurt to have some helping hands – special shout out to Sous Chef Momma and Chef Guy! Couldn’t have pulled it off without you!


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