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Pinterest Recipes

21 Apr

Pinterest has taken up entirely too much of my time (may be why I haven’t been posting), but it’s TOO FUN TO STOP. Side effect of excess pinning: tons of new recipes to try!

When the opportunity presents itself, I make an effort to try a new recipe. It was a valiant effort, but I was never going to make a dent in my Recipes board. A few weeks ago, I decided to pick out 8-10 recipes to try for the next two weeks. I put together the ingredient list, went grocery shopping and tried to plan out best when to have each one. It went REALLY well, so I’m doing it again this week. Here is a list of the recipes I’ve already tried (if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, just click on the picture and it’ll take you to the original post):

Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls

Fettuccine Alfredo

Chipotle Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pasta Bake

Easy Pierogi Casserole

Penne with Corn and Brown Butter

Garlic Parmesan Edamame

Coconut Curry Noodles

Quinoa Mac N Cheese

In the next few weeks, I’ll post what we’ve tried again (I’ve got a great set picked out this week!), and who knows? Maybe I’ll get to try ALL of my Pinterest Recipes. Ha, yeah right.

Happy Cooking/Baking/Eating 🙂